ALM Products & Services

ALM Products & Services

R2Metrics offers a full range of ALM products with fast turnaround times, personal service, and reasonable prices.

ALM Products & Services

  • ALM Model – BankRisk

    ALM Model – BankRisk

    Proprietary Asset/Liability Model designed to meet the Interest Rate Risk (IRR) modeling r

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  • ALM Validation

    ALM Validation

    If your institution currently uses either a bond dealer sponsored, internal, or outsourced

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  • Parallel Simulation

    Parallel Simulation

    Independent AL simulation with BankRisk Comparison of forecasted asset yields, liability

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  • Model Assumption Analysis

    Model Assumption Analysis

    Correlation and back-testing of historical deposit rates to key driver rates Verification

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  • ALCO IRR Policy Review

    ALCO IRR Policy Review

    Confirm IRR policies are appropriate for institution’s risk profile and business mix Ve

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  • Liquidity Stress Testing

    Liquidity Stress Testing

    Regulatory mandated process to project short and long term funding needs Allows “what i

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  • Independent Investment

    Independent Investment

    Covers both relative performance of portfolio as well as risk metrics as compared to a rea

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  • Education Webinars

    Education Webinars

    For both Boards and ALCOs, 30 minute to 1 hour seminars on interest rate risk topics such

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  • Valuation


    We provide independent third party valuation for loans, deposits and non-rated or non-inve

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  • Monthly Consulting

    Monthly Consulting

    Independent interest rate risk measurement, liquidity, loan pricing, and bond portfolio st

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  • Call Report Data Mining

    Call Report Data Mining

    We provide custom data mining of FDIC/NCUA call report database information including peer

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  • Custom Programming

    Custom Programming

    We offer customized financial or web based programming at competitive hourly rates for any

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  • ALCO Online

    ALCO Online

    A web-delivered menu of important financial institution analytical tools designed to assis

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  • FAS 107

    FAS 107

    FAS 107 requires most entities to disclose the fair value of financial instruments (cash,

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